Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doing it right

So as everyone knows Im absolutely obsessed with dieting, hence pretty much ALL of my videos! And So I have decided, that for the time it took me with all of those failed diets, I could have been skinny by now if I would have just done it right.

Yup I have tried everything EXCEPT diet AND exercise. Sooo I thought to myself what the hell might as well give it a shot. If you are interested and would like to join me in this challenge…let me know its always easier to have a support group so, should you or myself get off track we can email each other and motivate each other to get back on track.

Every day I will be posting what exercises I did and how I felt when I did them and what I ate and maybe you or any one who has an expertise in healthy dieting give me some opinions on my food choices. This challenge will last 5 weeks and I will weigh myself once a week…so as I don't get depressed if I don't see a change within one day.

And if you are wondering where this kick started from--well, I blame it on my friend Susan who introduced me to which is this really cool website that two girls Karina and Katrina started. It really motivated me because you see a regular size girl who isn't over weight go from ok to amazing! If I would compare my body size it would be Katrina's, and I think that a lot of girls would too. I don't get too motivated with diet plans or fad diets because the spokesperson for the diet went from like a million pounds to nothing and Im not starting off at a million pounds so I feel like if she can do it I can too!

The diets and some recipes come from there website for free! If you give them your email they send you a newsletter with diets and some recipes.

My weight now: 120 lbs
My goal weight: 110 lbs
My height: 5'2''
Goal weight loss per week: 2 lbs


  1. 've been through the same thing, I've tried so many diets trying to lose the extra pounds that I've gained during the winter and they all have failed miserably, I would lose about 7 pounds in a 2 weeks and crash and gain it back in 3 days no lie. When I gave up on dieting and just ate whatever I wanted but in moderation and actually started exercising I started shedding the pounds slowly and I stopped over obsessing on weighing myself everyday and Its been 3 months and I lost about 13 pounds. Im about 5'3 and now 113 lbs just to give you an idea. Exercising really helped me boost up my energy as well. I think most girls misconceive weight I mean I've been guilty of this as well we assume a certain weight is going to give us this certain look but its wrong, how much you weigh doesn't distinguish how you will look. I have been 113 lbs before but I've never really worked out and my body now is much more toned and defined. I think the best way to go at it is just eat what you want but in moderation cause if you deprive yourself your going to crash and of course exercise!

  2. Hey this sounds like awesome advice! And very motivating thank you for posting this! lol