Monday, April 11, 2011

Bikini Challenge (Day 1)

So today was a little rough, frankly the food was rough. I started with a breakfast parfait. Looks delicious doesn't it? Well Don't be fooled! It was disgusting! It started with blueberries on the bottom and then greek yogurt in the middle that was all I planned on having, but no one ever told me how gross greek yogurt is! It tastes like sour milk ugh.

I tried to add walnuts and trail mix to add taste, but I couldn't stomach it I ended up throwing it away and I ended up eating trail mix for breakfast. Hopefully Lunch would be better.

And it was a little better, It would have tasted great if I didn't add so much balsamic vinegar. It was a quinoa spinach salad. I read the ingredients wrong it called for 2 teaspoons and I added 2 tablespoons. But I was pretty much full anyways snacking on trail mix all day long kept me sane. Dinner was amazing though. I grilled myself fish and mango salsa. It was so good I didnt even wait to take a picture of it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

EXERCISE: I went for a very long walk and then sprinted for 2 mins. Not a lot but something to start off with considering my asthma is insane and won't let me breathe.

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  1. My trick with the Greek yogurt is to put berries in it the night before then let it stand over all night gettin' berry lucius! You can also sweeten it with a tiny agave nectur :) I use 1c. Blueberries (7) cal) and maybe 2-3 strawberries .x.