Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diet Aftermath

As excited as I am to get back to eating and it was a good break for my digestive system i didnt seem to learn my lesson, I have not eaten anything fast food BUT i have been eating whatever i saw in front of me, i went from 105 to 116! even though my stomach says im full my taste buds are so excited they want more, i have made myself feel sick that i ate more then my stomach can handle but 116 still good considering that I went from 118 BUT im so disgusted with myself that I have decided to go on it again, for three days this time and then try to eat healthy,

and if your going to comment that you know of a diet or you know what works please dont waste your time, im pig headed and i like to do things MY way, not anyone elses but me most of the time it doesnt work out but i have made some progress and im slowley learning, but before i hit 118 again im going back on the diet shed some water weight and work out this time on the diet to lose actual fat and take metabolism booster pills starting friday cause my friend is coming over tomorrow from london and i want him to try the spaghetti tacos we make :)

so.....yea tomorrow morning im going to wake up early go for a jog and do some hardcore work outs to prevent more weight to put on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Morning of day 8

SO its the morning and my stomach is a little grouchy but i figure its from drinking that broth, i know before this diet i used to eat before i went to bed and id wake up and felt as if i was starving, as oppose to not eating before i went to bed and i would wake up feeling fine/lil full. I dont know what that means but im assuming thats what happend last night.

Im kind of scared to step on the scale to see what damage that the broth has done, even though its not food it does have calories and any kind of calories right now (because im in starvation mode) is goin straight to my thighs! I guess well see I have a twitter account and i havebeen using it so ill twitter about my weight tonight

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My lemonade diet

so this diet is killing me although it is a bit easier then i thought as funny as that sounds, I think I have told everyone about it and came so far that i dont want to let anyone down if not that then i want to prove my will power. If i can withhold food for 10 days then I can do ANYTHING.

BUT I am so hungry well not hungry but whats a word for hardcore craving? well i feel like that like my nose senses have tripled and i can smell anything from far far away, and people smell weird to me as well like as if disease is seeping through they're pores i think i might possibly going delusional.

my friend came over with this juice filled with all your nutrients and more, which is what my body really needs right now its day 7 and im so close to the finish line i need to suck it up and realize that one day i will eat, when i do eat i think after im done eating, well i feel the same 5 min before i ate that burger and i could have ate something else to make me feel full, just because i smelled it and it was in front of me i ate it.

*please note: I need all the support I can get any cool comments is just the ticket!