Monday, August 31, 2009

Skinny Bitch

So my jaw dropped recently when i found out that I had put on an additional 2 lbs from my last blog. I am so disgusted with myself even KNOWING what i was putting into my body and did it anyway so as a result I abused and then i lose so this time Im gonna do it right before i go back to my original weight. ahhhh the dreaded lemonade diet again yes folks again, so if you reading this then you already know im a bit nutso about weightloss stratagies....BUT you love it! ha ha jk

so a lot of people have bought this book skinny bitch including some celebs such as posh shown in this pic, this book is amazing it gives you a blunt explanation of what we really are putting into our bodies im half way through and i bought it today, not to mention it really took my mind off of eating! because i was so into it and then i bought another book that i will read after im done with this one, its called why french women dont get fat, heard some good things about it but ill let you know when im done ;)


  1. I loved that book. It was a fun read for tips and tricks. I've wasted tons of $$$ on every diet out there and what I finally found out it boils down to don't eat more then you exercise. Pretty much eat only 1000 to 1200 calories then when you hit you goal weight then you can eat alittle more like 1500 cals...I know it sounds like a bitch to count calories but it gets easier after awhile but the good news is you can eat whatevs as long as you watch the portion.just my 2 cents from a reformed fatty lol. You look great Anyway no matter what you do and I love even through the hunger pangs your still funny mmmwwaah