Thursday, August 27, 2009

My New Weightloss journey

Soooo, I decided to give myself a break, I think me getting sick is from all that dieting, not to mention I have done some hard work to get where i am so now I have decided to maintain it I went up from 112 to 114

BUT I think thats pretty damn good if you say so myself, i have been eating what I want and im glad to say i hit a platoe which means that i can eat what i want and maintain 114 and I havent even been excersizing! So in about a month Im gonna do another diet to get down another 2 or 3 lbs and maintain that for a while as well.

I think im doing good this way because its not driving me NUTs that I cant get my weight down right away but if i manage it like this my self esteem and motivation will continue to keep on truckin! ha ha

So there I said it ..taking diet breaks in between is totally working for me, but hey it might not work for you...keep trying new things and see whats good for you, thats what i did and now i finally found what works, I pretty much have gone through so many fad diets that now I am able to filter out the ones that work for me!:) so happy!

118 (*)
116 (*)
114 (*)
112 ( )
110 ( )
108 ( )
106 ( )
**104 ( ) ****

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  1. Congrats on reaching your goal and maintaining it :) Maintenance is the hardest part but if you can find that balance (and even take breaks!) then you're really lucky.