Friday, September 25, 2009


So a few of you noticed that i have been missing, if you guessed that i died.....well no i havent i have been in a weird funk lately, since i have become vegan i have actually gained weight and i put all the puzzle pieces together and realized i have been eating more carbs because of it....

being vegan doesnt make you lose weight you still have to monitor your portions unfortunately i have it so the past day or so i have cut down my intake severely. I keep forgetting sushicatny's voice when she said "you abuse you lose" i abused my eating intake so now i have lost my privilege to eat accordingly until i learn my lesson.

Some of you know that im not fat BUT if i dont win this battle with food mentally and emotionally then i will regret it when im older and my metabolism slows down. Ill have kids and then throw out the "fat" excuse as to why i dont get ready and take care of myself anymore.

Dont worry ill be back in a few im just feeling gross, BUT the positive is that my skin has cleared up since i stopped in taking dairy products, apparently i AM allergic and i never knew

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