Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cookie Diet Day 4

So im doing pretty good better then i thought i would do and whats more awesome is that i lost 2lbs!! so im doing pretty good, now i think i have been having motivation from this girls youtube channel but im pretty sure if she saw me she would think i was crazy for wanting to lose weight but her channel is sushicatny i have been love love loving her vids cause they are motivating! Well just wanted to update you a bit on whats going down :)

118 (*)
116 (*)
114 (*)
112 ( )
110 ( )
108 ( )
106 ( )
**104 ( ) ****

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  1. Thanks for sharing you diet journey! You and your girlfriends look great. Are you thin girlfriends on diets now too? Could you maybe do a post/video on what diets you've been and what was the outcome (like was it easy, did the results last..etc.). That'd be great if you could.