Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cookie Diet day ...uh..lost count

So I'm still on the cookie diet but its now become a part of my regular diet that ive lost count! BUT I weighed myself this morning and it "says" that im 112 lets just hope its right... these scales have got me all out of whack!

Anyhoo since i have been kinda sick and when i mean know when your on the verge of getting sick and your all omg tomorrow is gonna be SHIT! well its been like that for the past week i have never fully gotten sick, and its also been hard to breathe so i have been doing indoor workouts

What my recent workouts consisted of is dancing straight for 30min take a 10 min water break dance for another 30min take another 10 min waterbreak and then do some lower belly crunches (gets rid of the "pooch")

INSTRUCTIONS FOR POOCH RIDDING BELLY CRUNCHES: lay on your back flat hold on to the legs of a chair or couch and stick your legs in the air and while they are in the air push them up towards the sky (your butt should be off the floor at this point)

here is a little vid to help you get the idea BUT REMEMBER you dont need a gym machine to do this at home, this is just to show you the position and idea

118 (*)
116 (*)
114 (*)
112 (*)
110 ( )
108 ( )
106 ( )
**104 ( ) ****


  1. I follow you on YouTube and I just started the Cookie Diet too! Please keep us updated on your progress! I've lost 3 pounds so far and hope I can stay motivated, your posts really help!


  2. That's a really great ab workout move. I agree that your blog is soooo helpful in keeping me motivated too. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated! I'm not really on a diet right now - just healthy eating at the moment and I started to run daily now (motivated by you and my sister). Keep up the good work Court!