Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Shore In Long Beach

Sooooo, last night I went with one of my friends Steph to The Grand Opening of the Shore, it was fun but it could have been better, They had this band there that was like Metal School but not, I was hoping that they would have played a couple of songs and then get on to the music but ney! HA HA they played all night, a lot of people had enjoyed it, but it wasnt my cup o tea ;) The thing that sucked was that finding someone to buy us drinks was a f*ckin chore!

One of the girls that worked there felt bad for us so she had tried to help, at one point she told me she didnt understand it, when she first saw us she was like ooh! easy sale cause we are pretty decent chicks someone might wanna buy us something....NOPE now I know what your thinking....omg she is soo rude buy your own damn drink! Girls IF you are buying your own drinks STOP!!!! GIRLS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BUY THEIR OWN DRINKS, and imediatly stop talking to a dude if he doesnt! lets just picture a scenario......

If you find a guy and he doesnt want to buy you a 10 dollar drink what makes u think he will wanna dish out cash later NOT TO BUY YOU THINGS JUST CAUSE YOU WANT IT, thats NOT what its about, im talking about taking you out to dinner or to a movie or just being a cheap ass when you two are in public! How embarrassing, the men now a days are getting used to women just setteling for less and being ok with jerks and cheap ass's DONT SETTLE for less dude! CHIVALRY CAN COME BACK if you make it come back...... and just think you might be putting out for these guys, I know good guys are hard to find but they are out there and in the mean time MAKE THOSE CHEAP ASS'S WORK FOR IT

and dont feel bad if they buy you a drink and you are not into him, its a game of "law of averages" to them..... for every 10 girls 1 of those girls is bound to go home with them, BUT JEEZE KEEP YOUR GAME WOMEN!

Now that I have rambled on in anger here are some bored sober pics of me and steph

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