Saturday, July 11, 2009

My lemonade diet

so this diet is killing me although it is a bit easier then i thought as funny as that sounds, I think I have told everyone about it and came so far that i dont want to let anyone down if not that then i want to prove my will power. If i can withhold food for 10 days then I can do ANYTHING.

BUT I am so hungry well not hungry but whats a word for hardcore craving? well i feel like that like my nose senses have tripled and i can smell anything from far far away, and people smell weird to me as well like as if disease is seeping through they're pores i think i might possibly going delusional.

my friend came over with this juice filled with all your nutrients and more, which is what my body really needs right now its day 7 and im so close to the finish line i need to suck it up and realize that one day i will eat, when i do eat i think after im done eating, well i feel the same 5 min before i ate that burger and i could have ate something else to make me feel full, just because i smelled it and it was in front of me i ate it.

*please note: I need all the support I can get any cool comments is just the ticket!


  1. Courtney girl, way to go! I know it's hard...and it's totally true what you say when you mention it's not hunger, it's just a craving. Our bodies can go quite a long time without food as long as we have water. I've tried water fasting before to detox (not to lose weight although that will come along as well). It's a whole mental struggle for me. But I know you can do it! Don't let yourself get near food or handle it man! It's too tempting!

  2. thank you thats totally what i need right now i fucked up already and drank some broth last night and now i kind of feel guilty its cause i hate the way it tastes ya know, i think i might go jogging tonight i do have the energy to do it this time ha ha.