Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I went for memorial day to Havasu, actually i had to work at Ember on Saturday night so I left at 2am and got there at 8am crazy I know, but when I got there the guy who owned the boat found out I was going ( cause the last time i went on I made an ass of myself being crazy drunk) and didnt want me to go so I apologized and made a lil drama considering I havent slept through the night so i was also feeling a bit delirious, but we both made up and had a lot of fun, OH and my buddy was down there and the past three years that i havent seen him he has been rollin with BONE THUGS! so when we went to Kokamos they let us hang out in their VIP area which was way fun in fact tonight i get to see layzie and slone bone sing somewhere in la apprently the other members are doing something else or in jail ha ha dont know much about em but i do know they love to party!

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